May 26, 2017: That’s probably it.

(Joel and Rowan are driving down the street and go past the O’ Riley’s Auto Parts store, where a police car is parked in the parking lot.)

Joel:  Woah, Rowan, what do you think that police man is doing at the auto parts store?

Rowan:  I don’t know.  Maybe buying new light bulbs for his wee-oooh.

March 5, 2016: Don’t make it bad

Driving in the car, listening to music and “Hey Jude” comes on.  Rowan starts crying in the back seat, big fat tears.

Me:  Buddy!  What’s the matter?!

Rowan:  This song is just so sad!  It makes my heart cry!


March 10, 2017: For no raisin.

So, I think I came in on the middle of this conversation because I have no idea what led up to it.

Rowan:  For no reason!  For no reason!  For no REEEEAAASON!  For no reeaaaiiison!  For no raaaiison! For no RAISIN!  FOR NO RAISIN!

Joel:  Why are you saying it like that?

Lucy: (NOT amused)  For no raisin.  Obviously.


Fast forward a week. 


Me: Rowan, take your plate to the sink if you’re done.

Rowan: I can’t!  I’m a old man!  Uuuuuugggghhhhhh!!!

(Proceeds to stagger around as if his arms don’t work and his legs only just.)

Me:  (trying not to laugh)  I’m not sure which old man you’re emulating, but all the ones I know can take their plates to the sink.

Lucy: I can’t take my plate either!  I’m an ooold laaayyydeeee! (with some sort of weird southern accent?)

(Lots of staggering and groaning, no taking plates to the sink.)

(I am laughing.  Joel is not.)

Rowan:  Join us, Dada!  UUUUGHH I’M A OLD MAN!!

Lucy:  Uuuhhhhhhggghhh, I’m an ooooold ladyyyyy! (flops) (Still with a southern accent)

Me:  Yeah, Dada! (Old lady southern accent)  Join us!  But when ya get old!  Ya get from the south!  Fer no raisin!

November 7, 2016: Excercise your right!

Over the dinner table, we were discussing the upcoming election and voter turnout.  

Me:  Did you know that most people in Hawaii don’t vote?

Lucy: Why?

Me: Well, do you know what time zones are?

Lucy: No.

So we spend some time talking about time zones and poll closings and vote tabulation.

Me:  So, a lot of times, they’ve already announced the president before the polls even close in Hawaii.

Lucy:  Well that sucks.

Joel:  But they should still vote.

Lucy:  Well, yeah, but I kind of get why you wouldn’t want to.  “Oh, I’m here to vote for the president.”  “Oh, they already know who the president is.” “Oh, well that’s just great…TABLE FLIP!”