January 24, 2018: Punny guy.

Rowan:  Dada, can you help me roll my taco up?

Joel: Sure, buddy.  There you go.  Careful, it ripped right there a little bit, so hold it like this…

Rowan:  That’s okay.  Now it’s a TOREtilla!



January 13, 2018: Something like… what?

In the car, listening to music.

Rowan:  I want to listen to something just like this!

Joel and I are kind of impressed with this mature request and start discussing similar artists, genres, and songs from the same album.

Rowan:  No!  I want to listen to something just like THIS!

Me: … We know, buddy.  That’s what we’re talking about.


(We eventually figured it out.)

July 16, 2017: Participation Trophy

I was in the kitchen cutting up an evil onion which was making me cry.  Rowan was walking past and literally backpedaled when he saw my tears.

Rowan:  Mama?  How you doin’?

Me: Oh, I’m doing okay, I was just cutting up this onion here–

Rowan:  Mama?  I’m going to give you something.

(Slides his arms around my waist and gives me a hug.)

Rowan:  It’s a trophy for when you get done because I know you’re going to do a good job.

Me:  Awww, thanks, buddy.

Rowan:  (as he runs away to play Minecraft)  I’m proud of you!

Me:  (Real tears.)

May 26, 2017: That’s probably it.

(Joel and Rowan are driving down the street and go past the O’ Riley’s Auto Parts store, where a police car is parked in the parking lot.)

Joel:  Woah, Rowan, what do you think that police man is doing at the auto parts store?

Rowan:  I don’t know.  Maybe buying new light bulbs for his wee-oooh.