November 26, 2016: I make learning FUN!

Lucy, my mom, and I went to A Novel Idea bookstore and Lucy got to pick out any three books she wanted.  She selected a graphic novel, a “how to draw” book, and this one, a kids book about the periodic table.

I was so excited she wanted a science book!  

Then, Day 2 of being read to out of the periodic table of the elements came and went.

 So I did what any responsible and caring parent would do.  I foisted her off on her little brother.


Lucy:  Rowan, don’t interrupt me this time.

Rowan: I won’t.

Lucy:  I hope not.  Okay, “The Alkali Metals.  Group 1.  Lithium.  Symbol: Li.  Atomic number: 3  Standard state: Solid at 77 degrees F.  The lightest of all the metals on the periodic…ROWAN!”


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