January 11, 2016: Dinner was bloody delicious. 

Lucy’s loose tooth finally fell out last night and tonight we are eating spaghetti for supper. 

Joel:  Lucy how is your tooth? I mean lack of tooth? I mean…tooth hole?

Lucy:  It’s fine. Wanna see?

Joel:  Sure. 

Rowan:  Ew, did you see Lucy’s blood?

Joel: No. 

Rowan:  I saw it. I saw her blood. 

Joel: I was trying to be polite while people are eating. 

Rowan: Why?

Me: Because not everyone wants to talk about Lucy’s…

Rowan: Blood?

Me: Bodily fluids. 

Rowan:  Like, blood? 

Lucy:  Ugh, now I feel all squicky. 


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