December 4, 2015: The play’s the thing

As a family we went to see “The Good Dinosaur” in the theater, and a good time was had by all.  The movie is very cute, and while it’s a unique storyline, I noticed a lot of elements of other kid’s movies (namely The Land Before Time).

Joel:  Hey Lucy, what did you think of the movie?

Lucy:  It was good.

Me:  Oh yeah?  What did you like about it?

Lucy:  Well, it kind of reminded me of “Hamlet”.

Me: …

Joel: …

Me:  Wow.  Hamlet, huh?

Lucy:  Yeah, only because, you know, the dad dies and then he comes back as a ghost and gives his son advice.

Me:  …

Me:  Ok.  Wow.

As an aside, she’s totally right, except I would see more similarities between this movie and “The Lion King”, which (admittedly) is an adaptation of “Hamlet”.  If you haven’t seen “The Good Dinosaur”, I recommend it!  Besides, Sam Elliot is the da bomb.


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