August 28, 2015: Chicken Fries and the Truth 

At Burger King and Lucy is studying the place mat that comes with the tray. 

Lucy:  I’m really hungry for chicken fries now. 

Me:  Why? You’ve never had them before. 

Lucy:  They just look really good!

Me:  Hm. Well you’ll notice that none of the people in those photos are actually eating any chicken fries. They’re just holding the box and looking happy so that you’ll think you’ll be happy if you have some too. Maybe none of those people have ever had chicken fries either. 

Lucy:  Yeah, maybe they’re gross. 

Me:  Well, maybe. But my point is that those pictures don’t really prove that chicken fries are good. In fact, only one of the pictures includes an actual chicken fry.

Lucy:  (Shocked.) They’re just trying to get you to buy them!




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