July 22, 2015:  Gender stereotyping destroyed. By the truth. 

VERY early Saturday morning, Joel and I were not quite up yet when Rowan burst into our room. 

Rowan: Dada!  Dada!  Dada!!!!!  DADA!!!

Joel: Yes, jeeze, what is it?

Rowan: Wanna come play with me? 

Joel:  In a minute, I just woke up. 

Rowan:  Come ON Dada!  Come play with me!

Me:  Oh, go on Joel. Go play with your son. 

Rowan:  Yeah, come’on Dada! Come play babies with me!!!  (Runs off down the hall.) 

Me:  Oh!  Yeah, Joel! Go play babies with your son!

Joel: (Grumble, grumble, grumble)

Me: Playing babies with boys is very important. It reinforces vital parenting skills, and shows them it’s a priority, and that it’s okay to…

Joel:  In a MINUTE, I just woke up.

( A few minutes later, I hear the following exchange.)

Rowan:  Ok Dada, this is your baby…and this one is mine. Ok?  Ok. Let’s FIGHT!!  Ugh! Uuhhh!  Ahh!  Ugh, oh nooooo!  Ok, I’m died. 



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