July 18, 2015:  You may say I’m a dreamer

Rowan: Mama. You didn’t let me finish my story.

Me: Oh, ok sorry.

Rowan:  Ok, so my little brother…

Joel:  Your little brother?!

Rowan:  Yeah, my little brother when he was about my age…well, there were these bad guys and they stole my house! And then my little brother was fightin’ them, but then he got defeated…and then he got died. And I was crying. A little bit.  But then I turned into my Pokemon…

Joel: Charmander?

Rowan:  Yeah Charmander. And then I fired them and I used my red power to come back to life. And the bad guys were like, “Ahhhh!”.

Me: Wow, that’s an amazing story.

Rowan:  And the guys built my new house and it was flames red. Well, actually, the house was blue. But the flames were red. And my brother came with me. And then I waked up.

Joel: Oh this was a dream?

Rowan: Uh…yeah.


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