May 13, 2015: It’s…the CLAW!!!           Missing Toddler Found Playing With Stuffed Animals Inside the Claw Machine at a Bowling Alley

Lucy: There’s Hollywood Bowl! We should go there sometime, it’s a really good place.

Joel: That’s where that kid got stuck in the claw machine.

Me: Oh yeah, I forgot about that!

Lucy: Did they have to win him out?



A missing toddler was found inside the claw machine, playing with the stuffed animals, at a bowling alley in Lincoln, Nebraska, the Associated Press reports.

At the same time that a 24-year-old woman called 911 looking for her missing 3-year-old son around 5:30 p.m. on Monday, the bowling alley employees called the police to report an unattended boy had found his way into the game. KUSA-TV reports the vending machine company arrived on scene to extract the toddler from the machine — though it’s unclear if it was by the claw or not. The boy reportedly did not sustain any injuries.

How the toddler ended up inside the claw machine has yet to be determined. Toy Story fans, maybe the toddler just thought he was Buzz Lightyear?

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