December 10, 2014: Smarter not harder

Joel asked Rowan to go wash his hands and face. Rowan, however, was not so inclined. Whining ensues. Finally, we wear him down and he stomps off down the hall towards the bathroom. We resume our conversation, and a few minutes later hear Rowan hollering something from the bathroom.

Me: What do you need, Bud?

Rowan: I need Pepper!

Me: Well you have to call her! Say “Pepper, come!”

Pepper comes trotting over to me.

Rowan: Peppah! Co’mere!

Me: No, you actually have to say Pep…her name…and the word “come”.

Rowan: Peppah! Come in the baffroom!

Me: (Sigh.) What do you need Pepper for?

Rowan: I need her to wash my face!!



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