September 5, 2014: Just your friendly neighborhood spider, man.

A big shout out to my husband, who rid the world of the spider in my garage that I swear was the size of a small bird.

Rowan always wants to push the garage door button, but is too short to reach it. I lift him up so that he can press the button, and in doing so see said spider on the garage door track. I just know that it’s going to fall on me as soon as the garage door opens, but I didn’t want to freak out in front of Rowan, so I didn’t say anything. However, after pushing the garage door button, Rowan starts shaking and swiping at his hair. I immediately do an involuntary full body shudder.

Me: Rowan are you okay? What happened?

Rowan: Ugh, that big spider super kweeped me out.

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