July 25, 2014: Ralph Wiggum speaks TRUTH!

Ralph Wiggum

Lucy has been having some bad bloody noses over the last couple of weeks, and when we were at the store last night, she had another one.  Of course, we were at the back of Wal-Mart and had to run to the front while blood pooled in her hands and she’s yelling, “My arms are getting tired!”

Me:  What is going on with you and your bloody noses?

Lucy:  I don’t know!

Me:  I mean, did you get bonked in the nose, or does it hurt like the air is dry, or are you picking your nose, or what?

Lucy:  No!  I mean, ok, my nose felt weird so, yeah, I stuck my finger up there for a second to check it out, but it’s bleeding all over!

Me:  Well, it won’t bleed so much if you keep your fingers out of there.




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