June 2, 2014: Navy beans, navy beans, navy beans! Meatloaf sandwich!

It was Lucy’s first day of summer school, and when I picked her up I grilled her about how her first day was.

Me:  What did you have for lunch?

Lucy:  Ugh, we had a mayonnaise burrito, it was. De. Scusting.

Me:  What?! A Mayonnaise burrito?  That sounds…weird.  Are you sure it wasn’t sour cream?

Lucy:  No, it was definitely mayonnaise.

Me:  Gross!  What else was in the burrito?

Lucy:  Uck, it was ham and cheese.

Me:  Wait a second.  Was it warm or cold?

Lucy:  Cold.  It was so gross.

Me: So…like a wrap?

Lucy:  Yeah, it was disgusting.


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