April 15, 2014: No worries!


   I picked up Lucy from school and she presented me with a big bunch of dandelions, instructing me that we could not run to the store as I had intended, because we had to hurry home so we could plant them right away in the backyard.

Me:  Well kiddo, we can’t plant them actually because can you think of what parts a plant needs in order to grow?

Lucy:  Oh.  Right.  Seeds.

Me:  Actually I was thinking of roots.  Right?  A plant needs roots to grow?  And these flowers don’t have roots.

Lucy:  Oh.  Well, let’s get home right away so we can put them in a vase with water because I want them to grow really big!

Me:  Well, actually, once a flower is picked, it can’t grow any more.

Lucy:  Oh.  Well then problem solved!


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