February 1, 2014: Watson–making you feel better about not being as smart as Sherlock since 1886.

Lucy and Rowan wanted to go play in the freshly fallen snow, so we bundled up and headed out.  After announcing that the snow was not “sticky” enough for snowmen, Lucy decided we should go for a walk.

Lucy:  Ok, I’ll be Sherlock Holmes and Rowan, you can be Dr. Watson.

Rowan:  …

Lucy:  Look!  There’s bunny tracks!  I mean, what kind of tracks do you think those are Watson?

Rowan: …

Lucy:  Watson? Do you see the tracks? Watson!

Rowan: …

Lucy:  Mooooommmm!  Rowan’s not playing right!

Me:  I know kiddo, but Watson’s not very helpful in real life either.


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