January 17, 2014: We just don’t all get the recognition we deserve.

Rowan:  No pee on potty! NO PEE ON POTTY!!

Me: Yes buddy, come on you just have to try. Everyone has to go pee on the potty, it’s ok.

Rowan: No, no, no pee on potty!

Me: Sure they do, Mama and Dada and Lucy go pee on the potty. And Dee Dee,  and Grandma, and Uncle Ross too.

(The cat wanders into the bathroom.)

Rowan: Meow downstairs.

Me: No, the Meow…oh, I see. Yes, the Meow goes potty downstairs in the litter box, doesn’t he.

Rowan: (leans over to talk to the cat) Meow pee on potty downstairs? Good job, Meow!!


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