December 19, 2013: Personal boundaries are purely optional.

Lucy, who is a mature woman of 6, was taking a shower, as she is far too grown-up for a bath. This usually involves either Joel or myself leaning half in and half out of the shower getting very damp to make sure she’s actually, you know, washing. Tonight it was Joel’s turn and from the other room I hear this conversation:

Joel: Do you need a washcloth?

Lucy: Yes! Wait, no, I don’t.

Joel: You sure? Do you already have one?

Lucy: No, but I’ll just use Mama’s puff.


Joel: No, why don’t you just use your own or I can get you a clean washcloth.

Lucy: No it’s fine, I can just use Mama’s.  She won’t notice.


Joel: No, you can’t use someone else’s puff. (unintelligible, probably something about germs, or personal belongings, or that’s the grossest thing ever)

Lucy: But she never noticed before!



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