December 17, 2013: But do you get active duty discounts?

Lucy and I ran to Wal-Mart so she could pick out Christmas presents for her dad and brother.  As we were walking up, there was a Salvation Army bell ringer outside so I gave Lucy the change I had in my pocket.  When we got to the door, the gentleman was adjusting something on the bucket and had stopped ringing the bell, so Lucy hesitated.

Salvation Army worker:  (gruffly) You can put it in there.

Lucy looked at him funny, but deposited the coins and I didn’t hear anything about it until we were leaving and passed him again.

Lucy:  Why does that man need money?  Does he not have enough to eat?

(I realized that she thought we were giving the money to HIM and that would explain the weird look.  She was probably expecting a “Thank you” or at least some sign of appreciation.)

Me:  No, it’s a donation to the Salvation Army.  Then they take the money and get Christmas presents for needy families.

Lucy:  Oooh, so he’s a veterinarian.

Me: …um…what?  What are you talking about?

Lucy:  You know, when you used to be in the Navy or something?  A…veter-in, that’s it.

Me:  Wow, this IS really confusing, isn’t it.


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