August 28, 2013: Museums-a thing of the past.

Me:  Hey Lucy, do you know what that building is?

Lucy: Yes. (in the “duh, Mom” voice)

Me: Oh…you do? What is it?

Lucy:  I mean no. (also in the “duh, Mom” voice)

Me:  Well it’s the National Roller Skating Museum.

Lucy: Do they have roller skaters there that are dead?!

Me:  Umm…well, they probably have pictures of them. But they also have really old roller skates there, like the first pair of roller skates ever invented!

Lucy:  You mean roller blades?

Me:  No.  They were more like pieces of wood with leather straps and metal wheels underneath.

Lucy:  You mean they have stuff there from the EIGHTIES!?


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