August 19, 2013: Just roll with it.

Lucy: When you’re in first grade, there is one thing you can NOT do: roll your eyes at the teacher.  If you do, it’s automatic push-the-black-button.

Me: What does that mean?

Lucy:  That means you go to the Buddy Room, and two teachers come to talk to you about your behavior.

Me: Well, let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.  So, what does it look like when you roll your eyes?

Lucy: I’m not going to do it! I don’t want to get in trouble!

Me: No, I mean just do it to me, just this once.

Lucy:  …am I going to get in trouble?

Me: No, no.

Lucy:  …oooookay. 

And then she looks at me like this:


I still can’t tell what she thought her eyes were doing. Spinning?


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