May 17, 2013: Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

We go to get our hair cut at the salon, Lucy goes first.  I can hear her talking the whole time, but can’t hear what she’s saying.  Then it’s my turn in the chair.

Me:  So I heard Lucy talking your ear off.

Her:  Oh yeah, she’s such a sweetie.  She was just telling me how she could speak German.

Me: (pause) Beg pardon?

Her:  Well she was just telling me some of the words she knew, so I asked her if she could speak German and she said she could.

Me:  I can actually assure you that she can’t.

Her:  Really?!  Are you sure?

Me:  Very.

Her:  Wow! Well, she had me fooled.  I don’t know any German, so I just figured she did!


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