April 5, 2013: Poodles are forever.

Lucy: (talking about kids in her class) Melissa is in love with Alex.

Joel: Oh yeah?  Well, who are you in love with?

Lucy:  No one.  Not even Tyler.

Joel: Ooooh!!!!  Not EVEN Tyler?

Lucy: Nope.  He says he’s going to marry me but I don’t think so!

Ross: Why not?

Lucy: Cuz.

Joel: Probably because he needs my approval?

Lucy:  Yeah, because he needs to buy me a poodle.

Joel:  What? No.  My APPROVAL.  He needs my permission first.  Don’t just marry the first boy who buys you a poodle.

Me:  I don’t know, no one’s ever bought me a poodle, it might not be a bad yardstick.


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