July 23, 2012: Case of the Bedtime Strangler

Me:  (An hour after her bedtime and she’s still not asleep) Lucy, I love you and I’m proud of you.  Now go to sleep before I strangle you.

Lucy: What does “strangle” mean?

Me: …it means choke, but I was just kidding.

Lucy: You were going to choke me!?

Me: No, I was just kidding, I wouldn’t choke you.

Lucy: Well why would you say that!?!?

Me:  I was just being silly!

Lucy: Well, that’s not a very silly thing to say.

Me: Yeah, you’re right, it’s not.  I won’t say it again.

Lucy:  How about next time you try, “Go to sleep or I’ll jump on your bed”?

Me: Yes, that would be much sillier, wouldn’t it.


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