May 2009

Lucy: (Outside playing in the yard) Mama!  A egg! A EGG!

Me: Oh yeah, there used to be a baby bird in that!

Lucy: A baby bird?

Me: (seeing a learning opportunity) Yes, the mama bird kept it warm and the baby grew and grew and got bigger and stronger and one day, it got too big for the egg and “POP!” it came out!

Lucy: (no response)

Me: And you know how Aunt Flossie has a baby in her tummy?  Well, that baby is getting bigger and stronger and pretty soon it’ll be too big and then “POP!” it’ll come out!

Lucy: (no response, runs off to play)

Lucy: (finds another egg) Mama!  ‘Nother egg! ‘NOTHER EGG!

Me: Oh wow!  What was in that egg?

Lucy: A baby bird!

Me: And what happened to that baby bird?

Lucy: I’m too big!  I’m comin’ out!

Me: That’s right!  And what about Aunt Flossie?  What’s going to happen with her?

Lucy:  (slowly) Aunt Flossie’s…gonna have A BABY BIRD!!!!


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