The Migration: So it begins…

Howdy folks!
I’m going to migrate my Overheard in Our House Facebook posts to this blog, so that I can make sure Lucy will be able to read these someday.  I’m not sure if she’ll love them, or be horribly embarrassed, but I’m pretty sure that mortifying your children is one of the perks of parenthood.

When Lucy was first born, I was so scared and overwhelmed and nervous about being a new mom that the first time she did something funny (which didn’t take long) I laughed more out of surprise and relief than because it was actually funny.  I was all prepared for having my life altered, no one told me how hilarious kids are!  The older she got, the more hilarious she was, and as soon as she started TALKING…well watch out.

I’m sorry that I didn’t start this sooner, I will try to post old “Lucy stories” too.  And watch out for Rowan stories, he’s gonna be a pistol!

Thanks for reading!



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